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sculpture 2014

Papercrete 120x120x170 cm

Veerle Michiels & Jonas Vansteenkiste realized a replica of a fragment of a bunker from World War one, it will be in the exhibition Warum facing historic architectural elements archaeological elements at the historic abbey Zonnebeke-associated with the site itself.

This intervention represents the relationship between fact and fiction,


An anachronism is something that does not quite fit in his time. Or, more precisely: a whether or not sought-after breach or rupture in the chronological consistency of states or events: a concept or object is used in a wrong context.

 The effect of such a anachronism is sometimes similar to what Brecht calls the Verfremdungseffekt : the viewer (or reader) is experiencing a break with the logic state of affairs and is thus encouraged to consciously think about what there is to see.


What Vansteenkiste and Michiels do here is very double one hand they carry a fake bunker, that is realistic at first sight. but if you look close you see that there are paperclippings in the concreet skin of the work.

The piece is made of 60 procent of paper witch undermines the strengt of the idea of the bunker.

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